“Eat my own WHAT!?!?!”

You have a point; it is sort of weird sounding. Now that we have that admission out of the way, let’s review the science, benefits, and method of placenta encapsulation.

Science of Placenta Encapsulation

The placenta is an independent organ that connects your baby to your uterus. It grows with your baby throughout your pregnancy. Among its many jobs, it regulates nutrient and oxygen transfer, builds baby’s immune system by delivering antibodies, and acts as a storehouse for the multiple hormones involved in building and delivering a healthy baby.

Placenta encapsulation has had a resurgence because of the benefits women have experienced.

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

Your placenta has been nurturing your baby for the last 9 months. Those beneficial nutrients, minerals, and hormones do not suddenly disappear from it after your baby has been born. Neither does your bodies need for them. In fact, one of the causes of post-partum depression (mild to severe “baby blues”) is the extreme swing in hormones your body experiences after delivery. Your placenta is 100% compatible with your body and perfectly safe to take while nursing your baby.

Method of Placenta Encapsulation

The raw placenta will be picked up from your home or hospital shortly after birth. It will then be immediately dehydrated and encapsulated to prevent any loss of nutrients or enzymes. The entire encapsulation process takes between 1-3 days.

To ensure you receive maximum and immediate benefits, a placenta “sauce” can be prepared at your home to consume between retrieval and delivery of your encapsulated placenta pills.

I'm thankful my wife did the encapsulation. It's a completely different postpartum experience this time around.

– Frank M.

Our current pricing for placenta encapsulation is $225

This Includes:

  • Hospital or Home Pickup
  • Raw Encapsulation
  • 60 to 300 Placenta Pills (dependent upon size of placenta)
  • Delivery
  • Optional Placenta “Sauce”

Our Placenta Tincture can be added for only $25

This is placenta powder that will soon be encapsulated. In San Diego, many moms are experiencing the benefits of placenta encapsulation.

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